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All our rates*

Beauty Derm offers you a global solution for each problem:
wrinkles, spots, scars, imperfections, sagging, dull complexion, personal development...
With proven and adapted methods, we make every effort to satisfy a demanding clientele:microneedling and BB Glow, needle-free mesotherapy, Hifu, peels, radiofrequency, Plasma lift treatment, Cold Plasma, DMK treatments with the famous "Enzyme Mask", plumping Meso Lips treatment, Qi Beauty, Miracle Face facial drainage by Renata França, microdermabrasion. .

Aware of the rigor involved in this care, we mainly use disposable or even sterile accessories for some, products and devices purchased in Europe and top of the range
Finally, we will not fail to reserve for youpersonalized attentionduring your care 
for comprehensive support.

Face and body services

All our treatments aremixed

Microneedling and DMK   treatments include face and neck.

Microneedling treatments and BB Glow.

"Radiance" face and neck microneedling TOP:

The regenerating treatment to restore radiance and boost collagen.

1h20 / 159€

Microneedling face and neck Pro + TOP:

The regenerating treatment to remedy all skin alterations.

1h40 /€195

StemCell Microneedling  TOP:

For ultimate skin renewal

1h20 / 249€

BB Glow treatment:

For more even skin and a velvety complexion. 

1h15 / 130€

Hair needling Scalp / Beard:

Prevention of hair loss and stimulation of growth.

1 hour / €125 / €99

Microneedling neckline or hands:

So as not to betray your radiant face!

1h15 / 130€

Microneedling stretch marks and scars:

Finally some results breathtaking!

On estimate (from 80 to 300€)

Desensitizing / Anti-Redness Treatment with CBD TOP:

The needle-free mesotherapy treatment to soothe the skin.

1h15 / 110€

Deep Moisture Hyal Nano Treatment TOP:

For plumped and intensely hydrated skin.

1h20 / 189€

DMK face and body care made in the USA.

DMK Signature Treatment "Enzyme Therapy Masque#1":

The plasma effect mask for a transformation of your skin

1h20 / 149€

DMK Advanced Heal Level 2  TOP:

The specific #gameofthronesfacial with  pre-exfoliation 

1h45 / 165€

DMK Healing Level 3:

Advanced care for transformed skin

1h45 / 185€

DMK "Instant Lift" treatment (3 enzymes)  TOP:

3 enzymes for an ultra lifting and regenerating effect!

1h45 / 199€

DMK Express Targeted Care  NEW:

Tailored solutions for specific problems.

1h / On estimate

DMK Body Enzyme Mask (1 area) :

Perfect for acting on cellulite, sagging and water retention.


Exclusive treatments:

Plumping Meso Care Lips (with hyaluronic acid): 

Intense hydration to  plump up and smooth fine lines and streaks.

55min / 95€


Eye Glow: 

Targeted BB Glow treatment to illuminate the eyes.

40min / 72€


Eye care (with hyaluronic acid)TOP:

A global anti-fatigue and anti-aging treatment just for your eyes!

1h / 95€

Gouttes d'eau

Face and neck drainageMiracle Face(Renata France) TOP:

A deflated and redesigned face!

45min / 85€

Oranges séchées

Fresh Glow Vitamin C Treatment:

For smoother,   luminous and brightened skin!

1h10 /€110

Nuages ​​noirs

Instant Carbon Detox Treatment TOP:

For a clarified and detoxified complexion

1h10 /140€

Nuages ​​rose

REVIVE O2 treatment (CO2 carboxy therapy) :

An Oxygena treatmentnt for an incredibly fresh complexions and plumped

1h15 / 135€


QI BEAUTY anti-aging treatment TOP:

A Ho Treatmentlist for a sculpted and plumped face

1h20 / 159€

Peels and dermabrasions:

Bio-Revitalising Peeling:

An effective peel without constraint  and possible all year round

50min / 149€

Renewing Peeling (Wrinkles, spots, anti-aging, scars)  TOP:

For smoother, more even skin!

50min / 125€

COSMELAN peeling (+ 3 month maintenance products)  TOP:

Farewell spots, melasma, hyperpigmentation in 1 session.

50min / 610€

Acne Peel:

For clearer skin and sanitized

50min / 110€

Sensi Peel:

A gentler but effective exfoliation.

50min/ 95€

Hand or Neckline Peeling Treatment:

Your hands (or your chest) will no longer betray your age!

50min/ 120€

Skin Perfecting Treatment with micro-crystals TOP:

Purified skin, full of vitality and rid of impurities

1h30 / 145€

Plasma Lift treatment upper or lower eyelidsTOP:

Lift your eyelids in 1 session with this revolutionary treatment!

1h15 / From 220€

Nasogenian fold Plasma Lift treatment: 

For firmer skin!

1h15 / From 200€

Revitalizing Face Plasma Shower Treatment NEW:

Smoothes wrinkles, reduces scars and lifts in 1 session.

1h10 / 150€

Fractional radiofrequency face TOP:

THE solution for firming the skin!

1h45 / 315€

Fractional Radiofrequency Nose or T Zone TOP:

Finally a very effective solution against  dilated pores! 

45min / From 85€

Request your PlasM or Fractional Radiofrequency quote:

A quote will be drawn up for a personalized solution.    

On appointment

Because you are unique, you will find below options that you can integrate during your treatment at a price preferential7 if they are 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_performed the same day:

Extra charge

Micro Dermabrasion Face / Hands

or Face Mesowave



Extra charge"Enzyme Mask #1"

(during a facial treatment)



Extra chargeMicroneedling orHands or Neckline**

OrHair Needling

70€ (instead of 125€)

Beautiful Young Woman with Clean Fresh S

Extra chargeComedones extraction (moderate to severe blemishes)



Extra charge  Bach Flower Consultation, Reiki or Lahochi Session 30min

50€ (instead of 70€)


Services for the  regard

For permanent make-up, Beauty Derm uses pigmentsBiotekrecognized worldwide.
For the care of your eyelashes we trust theFrench brand Yumilashes.

The prices of the realizations include the 1st touch-up which must be carried out between 4 and 6 weeks after the creation; beyond that, it will be billed as "additional editing".

Prior information meeting:

Deductible from the session if realization under 15 days.

45min / 50€

 Microshading (eyebrows)MANUAL:

Defined eyebrows for 6 to 10 months.

1h30 / 270€

Shaded or powdered eyebrows ("pixel" effect):

For a look that reflects your personality! 

1h30 / 330€

Lower or upper lash lineTOP:

A naturally intensified gaze

1h / 210€

Soft eyeliner:

A look highlighted by an arabesque

1h15 / 250€

Lip contour:

No more le lip pencil!

1h30 / 310€

Gradient contour of the lips (Candy Lips)TOP:

From lips naturally dessinées !

2h15 / 395€

Full Lips:

The illusion of a lipstick as soon as you wake up!

2h45 / 490€

Additional permanent makeup touch-up:

2 to 11 months after initial creation

30% of the price**

Annual permanent make-up touch-up:

12 to 18 months after initial creation.

50% of the price**

Eyelash tintingOreyebrows:

For un look intensified for 2-3 weeks.

25 mins / 15€


A bewitching look with curled lashes for up to 2 months.

45min / 80€

Semi-permanent mascara:

For a waterproof mascara effect for up to 4 weeks.

30min / 48€

Mascara removal + keratin treatment

Do not neglect your eyelashes, prefer the removal at un professional.

25min /30€

Energy techniques

Because being happy and well in your head are part of theholistic beauty", Beauty Derm offers an energetic approach for youhelp you better manage stress, take a step back from certain situations, have self-confidence, free yourself from certain repetitive patterns, get to know yourself better and listen to you, achieve your goals, etc.
Reiki, Lahochi and other techniques can also be very effective in reducing pain, accelerating healing, healing, convalescence and are a very good complement to conventional medicine.

Attention, the energy sessions are not a magic wand, it is first necessary thatYOUgenuinely wanted to change or improve your life. The durations of the sessions are given as an indication but may vary according to the feelings during the session.
We will take the time to discuss together your expectations, the most suitable techniques for you, sometimes with some tips to do at home with your agreement.ur optimize the effects of the sessions. 

Regarding the energy lifting (facelift), it is perfectly complementary to anti-aging caree aesthetic since it will clear away all the fixed points of view linked to aging. By releasing yourself from this and gradually changing your state of mind, you will give off a higher vibration, your facial expressions will transform, your wrinkles will fade and the skin (face and body) will firm up!
4 sessions minimum recommended.

Bach Flowers concern everyone! They can berecommended for adults and children (even young children), plants and animals (also valid for Reiki and Lahochi). There are formulas with or without alcohol. Exceptionally, some consultations may be done via Skype if impossible.ity of travel (in metropolitan France).

We also offer remote energy shipments; it can be the continuity of the work carried out in the office, or for a situation (an interview, a big change to come, a convalescence...).

We remind you that the energy sessions do not replace any treatment or medical advice.
The effects of the sessions also vary from person to person and from session to session.


Energy cleansing session:

Recommended in the 1st session to re-balance everything.

45-55min / 80€

Reiki or Lahochi session:

Feel the Energy for your greater well-being.

45-65min / 80€

Package 3 Reiki or Lahochi sessions:

45-65min / 210€

Access Bars session (or Body Process):

Clear away your fixed points of view, your cellular memories

1h-1h15 / 100€

Package 3 Access Bars sessions:

1h-1h15 / 260€

Facelift session:

For rejuvenated features and more vitality (face and body).

1h / 90€

Prestige Facelift session:

Enjoy a relaxing facial treatment with your energy session!

1h45 / 125€

Bach Flower Consultation:

Flowers to Remedy Emotions

1h / 70€

Bach Flower Consultation (combined with another treatment):

Optimizes all other techniques.

1h / 50€

Sending Energy (Reiki..)   remotely:

Alone or in addition to other sessions.

40min / 65€

"Radiance" program (10 soins):

What if you erase the signs of time without surgery?


Program "Inner Strength":

3 months to transform your life and see more clearly!


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* The price of the services is firm and stipulated excluding applicable VAT (micro-enterprise), it is expressed in euros. care. Beauty Derm may change prices at any time.

** Microneedling supplement, Peeling or Dermabrasion Hands or Neckline valid during the same facial service.


** Additional touch-ups (permanent makeup) are charged at 30% of the initial price of the creation and  annual touch-ups are charged at 50% of the initial price of the creation, on the sole condition that the production is by Beauty Derm; outside of these conditions, a personalized quote will be established.

The durations   of the services are  given for information only but may vary depending on the client since each treatment is personalized.

- A treatment for a specific area does not appear on the service card?

- You don't know which treatment to choose?

Contact us for an information appointment, we will offer you the best method according to your lifestyle and your problems.

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