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The basis of healthy skin

DMK Exclusively in France and at Beauty Derm

Transform your skin and finally find healthy skin thanks to DMK treatments in Paris and the famous "enzyme mask"



Founded in the United States in 1960 and present in more than 32 countries around the world, DMK is based on a protocol of4 stepsfor skin revision and has an international reputation.
The revolutionary concept of DMK is based on the one hand on the structure and function of the skin, on the other hand, on the use ofbeneficial effects of enzymes. So for each problem, the products deal with the alterations and the causes. 

Known especially for the incredible "Enzyme mask" with plasma effect, DMK is the only brand that uses (among other things) thetransfer enzymes  to restore the skin to optimal functioning and thus create a healthy environment bystimulating facial muscles, lymphatic system, skin cells and blood capillaries.  DMK's formulations are designed to work with skin using natural product ingredients thatmimic the skin's own chemistry and who will stayactive on the skin for about 8 hours after application.

Benefits of "Enzyme Therapy" treatments:
- The skin is detoxified and healthier,
- Pores will appear less visible and the complexion is more radiant.
- Deeply hydrated and reoxygenated skin.
- Revision of so-called "oedematous" (swollen) skin.
- Attenuation of redness and pigmentation problems.
- The skin is revitalized and firmer.
- Attenuation of scars, roughness and other imperfections.
- Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed
- Natural lifting of the face, neck and décolleté.

From the first treatment, you will notice   a difference and already amazing effects on your problems!

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Why start using GlyMed Plus products?

- High standards of manufacturing process and quality. 
- Pharmaceutical grade products. 
- Composition mainly based on natural products. 
- Scientifically formulated to match skin biochemistry. 
- The overall concept works according to the structure and function of the skin.
- The trans-epidermal transport system penetrates the active ingredients deeply.
- Stimulates the mechanisms of the skin, and not just on the surface like other products.
- Active ingredients interact at the cellular level. 
- The products are designed to act synergistically, working together as one system.
- Formulations designed to be used on all skin types, men and women, young and old.
- Products not tested on animals (EU compliant) and containing no petroleum or animal by-products. 

Why is DMK different ?

What are you waiting for to live the DMK experience?


The different DMK treatments

Le soin Facial infusion de vitamine A Osmosis est le soin du visage ultime pour la transformation de la peau. Stimulez la production naturelle de collagène pendant 30 jours avec ce rituel holistique pour la peau.

Adapté à toutes les peaux, aux femmes enceintes et même l'été, il est unique car il respecte l’épiderme en faisant pénétrer un cocktails d'actifs concentrés par voie liposomale avec le nano-needling. L'infusion faciale améliore la peau en matière d'imperfections, de vieillissement, de rosacée et d'hyperpigmentation et est boosté par des mélanges de poudres et des actifs pour une correction accrue.

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LEVEL 2 / LEVEL 2: 165€, 105min

Advanced Exfoliation + Enzyme Mask

DMK Pro Alpha + Enzyme

Pro Alpha is designed to draw all levels of free water to the surface of the skin, dislodging any underlying blockages in the skin. It combines lactic, glycolic and citric acid to exfoliate and hydrate and plump the skin. Ideal for people who suffer from dehydration, dull complexion, comedones and fine lines.


Acne Prozyme & Enzyme Treatment Protocol 

Blackheads and superficial congestion. Prozyme ingests dead cells and debris from the skin's surface while Sebum Soak loosens impacted sebum, making extractions easier. Epitoxyl will release any buildup of toxins in the skin and Enzyme Mask #1 improves skin functioning.


Muscle Banding DMK (Muscle Firming)

This treatment is designed to lift and tighten tired, sagging facial muscles by sending deep contraction signals to the muscle. In fact, any of the 57 facial muscles, except the superior Orbiclaris Oculi (eyes), can be helped to tense and contract passively with this treatment.

Radiofrequency Supplement: 45€


Eliminate Protocol

An acne treatment protocol to flush out and eradicate deep congestion and redness. Also suitable for fragile capillaries, rosacea and red vascular scars

Tarifs: 159€ / 179€ avec hydra-dermabrasion

189€ avec radiofréquence

185€ avec cryo lift ou masque effet botox

185€ avec masque avec feuilles d'or 24K

229€ avec masque enzyme #1 DMK


Facial Infusion Osmosis par Beauty Derm

Le soin Facial Infusion est un soin "peeling sans acide" de qualité médicale, sans temps d'arrêt ni dommage épidermique, c'est-à-dire un soin régénérant, indolore et qui transforme votre peau en douceur. Adapté aux femmes enceintes.


Booste le renouvellement cellulaire pendant 30 jours

Booste l’activité des fibroblastes et de la production de collagène sans traumatisme

Redensifie le derme (là où se produit le vieillissement cutané)

Fournit le remodelage cutané ultime en augmentant la circulation, en renforçant l'immunité et en rajeunissant la peau.

Normalise la surproduction de sébum

Réduit les imperfections

Réduit l’hyperpigmentation et améliore la coloration

Réduit les rides et ridules

Inverse les signes de vieillissement

Restaure le flux capillaire et augmente la nutrition 

Augmente la fermeté et l’élasticité

Diminue les taches/zones rouges et enflammées 

La peau pourra exceptionnellement présenter quelques rougeurs pendant 24h


Buy all DMK products at the practice or on theOnline store by completing the form below. DMK products will not be sold without prior diagnosis, except regular users of the brand.

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Instant Lift DMK / Pro Lift:199€, 105min

Instantly firm, tighten and brighten your skin with the special occasion treatment. It is the perfect treatment for an immediate glow and lifting effect.

Radiofrequency Supplement: 45€

Lifting Radiance Ampoule Infusion Supplement: 35€

Lunch Peel DMK: 50 mins, 105 euros / 180€with Enzyme Mask #1

Perfect for minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, minimizing pores and making skin look more radiant. For people who are short on time and still want radiant and luminous skin.

LIQUID LASER:from 110€

It is a gentle resurfacing procedure with advanced reconstructive and strengthening properties. This treatment is generally performed on specific areas such as the eye or mouth contour, but can also be applied to the neck and décolleté.

SKIN NUTRITION PROTOCOL:35min, between 55€ and 75€

A relaxing introduction to fully personalized DMK skincare, which uses DMK's unique Transepidermal Penetration System to infuse active ingredients and create change at the cellular level.

MINI RP - Remodeling Procedure: 130 mins, 220€

Renowned Enzymatic Treatment from DMK to revise deep wrinkles, pigmentation, large pores, blemishes, coarse skin texture, sagging and restore skin density.




Microneedling + Enzyme mask #1 DMK:229€, 140min

Boost the results of your microneedling session thanks to the detoxifying and restorative properties of the Enzyme mask.

Qi Beauty treatment + Enzyme mask #1::90mins, 219€

Boost your QI Beauty Matrix with the Enzyme Mask to detoxify and regenerate your skin faster.

Qi Beauty treatment + Enzyme mask #2 +#3

(muscle banding/firming):90min, 229€

Boost your Qi Beauty treatment with the firming Enzymes mask comparable to an intensive facial gymnastics session!

Body Enzyme:70min, from 120€

DMK Body Enzyme Therapy targets cellulite, water retention, dry skin, poor circulation, ingrown hairs, pigmentation, stretch marks and acne on the body.

body sculpting:45min, from 75€

A treatment designed to help reshape and sculpt the contours of your body; improves microcirculation for firmer, toned and smoother skin.

Alkaline Wash: From 45€

It is an incredible treatment to reduce down and/or fight against ingrown hairs; perfect as a complement to laser and electrolysis; for the face, back..It also improves the texture of the skin.

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