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Magnetic field skin rejuvenation system


Visible results from the first treatment!

Qi Beauty is a natural skin restoration method, developed after several years of research by Australian acupuncturist Kathy Pedersen.


Designed to improve the functions and appearance of the skin, Qi beauty™ treatments act on the energy processesabove and below the surface of the epidermis: from the first treatment, you may notice avisible change in skin texture, complexion color, hydration, depth of wrinkles.  Skin regains a healthy appearance, radiant glow and volume. 


Using the magnetic power ofchinese medicine points and meridians, this technique consists in placing on the face (also the neck and décolleté if desired) mini static magnets with controlled high gradients andgold platedby forming a map on the face called the "matrix" in order to stimulate cellular metabolism and in particular direct subcutaneous fluids to the regions that need it most for a plumping and smoothing effect: the treatments aretotally adapted to the contours and features of each face, loss of volume, alterations, etc.

qi beauty, qi beauty france, lifting energetique, lifting acupuncture, microbiome cutane, barriere cutanee
qi beauty, qi beauty france, qi beauty europe, lifting acupuncture, lifting naturel, microbiome peau, beaute naturelle

Why is Qi Beauty care for you?

- Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.


- Restoration of skin density for plumped and more toned skin.

- Lifts, redraws facial features and restores the natural volumes of the face.


- Radiance and uniformity of the complexion, lightening of pigmentary spots.


- Reduces the appearance of pores, oxygenates the skin and stimulates collagen production.,


- Hydration of the lips and better definition of its contour;


- Reduction of redness, visible capillaries, and skin irritations,


- Acceleration of regeneration, healing and reduction of scars 

- Rejuvenation of the eye contour, improvement of puffiness and dark circles.

- Fixed asymmetries of the face.

- Deeply hydrates the skin, strengthens the skin barrier to restore the hydrolipidic film and reduces water loss (TEWL)


- Improves skin microbiota, reduces blemishes, redness and maintains healthy skin.

"Aging is a process of loss of energy...

          Qi beauty est un processus of energy renewal"


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Qi Beautyhome-kit

Long term skin recovery

50 treatments in each kit according to the anti-aging matrix, i.e. more than 4 months of use.

The Qi Beauty Home Kit is complementary to professional care. This easy-to-use patch system was created based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture to work below the surface of the skin to stimulate cellular self-repair processes.

The kit builds on the original 12-point anti-aging matrix, but also points for Eye Lift, Lip Lift, etc.: it boosts collagen and elastin, and makes the skin clearer, firmer and naturally plump. 


  This is a great way tooptimize resultsQi Beauty treatment between sessions, or as aindependent treatment at home. Regular use of the kit shows the long term benefits of a smooth, firm and even complexion.

2 to 3 uses per week are enough!


Qi Beauty Care Rates

The prices depend on the alterations and the working surfece (number of micro-magnets.
For a package of 6 treatments, a Free Home Kit (value €99)

Extreme close up of HIFU treatment on fe

Qi beauty Anti-Age Facial  / Qi beauty anti-aging facial treatment

This luxurious facial stimulates the skin to activate the self-repair response, and the energy the skin needs tonaturally recreate natural facial volume, smooth facial wrinkles, improve skin elasticity for defined facial features and improve overall skin appearance. This Qi beauty facial is the first step in continuous and lasting control of skin aging.


The results are visible after a single treatment and can be combined!

face: 155€

neck: 130€

face + neck: 189€

face + neck + décolleté: 240€

LOW-CUT: 149€

Microneedling + Qi Beauty: 219€

Peau lisse et brillante

Specific Qi Beauty

More than a simple anti-aging treatment, Qi Beauty activates re-energization at the cellular level, i.e. the stimulation of internal mechanisms for a natural and lasting response. The technique of micro-magnets can also be usedlymphatic level for a "Rehab" of the skin and redraw the contours of the face, it also allows to accelerate the repair of the skin, to calm the reactive skins, and more locally to improve the contour of the eyes and/or the contour of the lips.

  Detoxification/Contouring: 139€

Eye Lift: 72€ / 80€ 

Liplift: 62€ / 75€

Blemishes/acne: 129€

Regeneration: 129€ 

Sensitive skins: 129€

Others: quotation

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