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Registrations are open!


Remote collective energy healingNew Moon in Aquarius!


The New Moon symbolically represents the time of new beginnings and launching new things! (professional projects, new start, baby, diet, etc.)


This Light Healer treatment (vibrational frequency +++) is a global energy cleaning:.This treatment allowssmoothing your aura, increasing your vibratory rate and your intuition, realigning and recharging your chakras, releasing negative energies, which allows a re-circulation of energies and the "integration of new possibilities" (i.e. i.e. potentially unblocking situations), but also can contribute to alleviating pain, symptoms, reducing stress, improving your sleep, etc.


This treatment is open to all and has been set up with the aim of allowing everyone to benefit from it according to their means in conscience.



Participation in free donation, minimum of 10€(distance session price 65€)


ON 01/22/2023  AT 3 p.m.

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New Moon remote energy treatment on January 22 at 3 p.m.h



It is a collective energy care at a distance. I connect with you and I send you the energy that will do its work where you need it.


Attentionhe ... notit is not a live guided treatmentyouon Facebook or Youtube, so you don't have a link,but it is a distance energy treatment, where you receiveyour house(or wherever you are) the energy that I send to you. 


The benefits and "effectiveness" are almostidentical to an individual treatmentbecause the energy is "intelligent"; the difference is that I will not do an individual reportas I usually do (because I connect to the energy of the group), and therefore the treatment will be a little less specific (on a particular issue/theme), andhe acta also where you have the most bneed physically, emotionally, spiritually.. However, it is no coincidenceand it will emerge a theme of the group.



2 choices are available to you to receive the energy (this is valid for all the remote care that I offer):

- Either you take a moment for yourself: this allows you to sometimes feel sensations of cold, heat, oppression or lightening on certain areas of the body, visualization of scenes, colors, etc.. even to fall asleep, everything is possible: this does not have more effects but allows you to "live the experience"

-Or do something else(work, walk, etc.) and you will receive the energy at the most favorable moment for you. A single instruction: express an intention (to get better, to release your blockages, etc.) and to feel a minimum involved in the process (do it for yourself and not to please).I intend for the energy to come at the best time for everyone, so obviously if you are driving, in a meeting, or with your family, you are not going to be tired for example, you will receive the care a a little later when you are more willing and without doing anything.

You can register relatives but they must be informed (this famous free will!)

No contraindication for energy treatments; children, pets are also welcome!


Registration only by email, please indicate the name and surname of the people /Participation free donation from 10 Euros / Person.





Recommendations 5 to 10 minutes before the treatment if you lie down:


Drink a large glass of water, tea or infusion.


You can burn incense, or diffuse an essential oil, light a candle, listen to soft music, and lie down with a small blanket to feel as comfortable as possible, quiet and undisturbed.


PLEASE TURN YOUR PHONE ON SILENT (preferably no vibration) OR AIRPLANE MODE so that you are fully focused on your moment.


The treatment starts at 3 p.m. (Paris time) and lasts about 1 hour on my side, and on yours the time that will be necessary for each one, from 30 min to 1 hour (the time you give to it will necessarily be the right one).If you are not availableand can't "log in" and take some time for yourself, you will enjoy the same profits without doing anything, but without the "spiritual experience", which can give you physical sensations, emotional visualizations etc.


If you do the session in consciousness, that is to say by giving yourself a moment:

Try at first to take 3 deep breaths to start 


You can view:

- a white or golden light that envelops you and spreads throughout your body, expelling all the negative

- or just a positive memory


- You can just relax and try to clear your mind (meditative state)

If you can't empty it, it's ok, the treatment will also work!

.You can also formulate an intention before the treatment (aloud, low voice or internally)

.................................................. ...........................................

Think ofhydrate well after the treatmentto eliminate toxins and drink (water ;-)) a little more than usual during the 72h next hours.


Once the session is over, your energies will evolve for the next 21 days;Sometimes a "healing crisis", that is to say some "post session effects"passengers(as a detoxification of body and/or mind), can occur when the body releases emotions (generally within 7-10 days following the session): fatigue, migraines, realizations, stomach ache, giggles, etc...EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.


I would like to point out that, as in all my energy care, I appeal to the Universal Energy that I send to those registered with the intention of well-being, release of blockages and healing for the greater good of all. .

But what happens next is not mine. The energy is "intelligent" and goes where the person needs it most to be more aligned with their life mission and soul.

Obviously, we do not release everything in a single session, it depends on everyone's ability to let go, and also often the beliefs/memories are deeply rooted, for years or on several levels (like accumulated layers) and several sessions are needed.

.................................................. ..................................

The sensations you can feel  during the sessionwill be diverse and specific to each person: warmth, tingling, heaviness, freshness, thought or memory that resurfaces, seeing colors, silhouettes, etc. AND SOMETIMESNOTHING, or maybe you will even fall asleep!


NO WORRIESif you can't relax at this moment, if you don't feel anything or if you doze off: the energy will work in the same way!

If you don't have time to lie downor sit down to receive the treatment, from the moment you have taken the initiative to register for the treatment in conscience (i.e. with the intention of feeling better, moving forward, etc. ..), the energy will reach you at the best time for you, obviously you will not feel the energy of the care as one can feel it while lying downand I repeatthe effects will be exactly the same!

Statue de Bouddha

Contribution/donation:Because receiving an energy session is a personal and conscious process, I offer you this collective treatment for the modest participation of10€, you are free to adjust it according to what is right for you, in exchange for the care.



Either by credit card or paypal via this link:


FOR YOUR REGISTRATIONBe sure to send aemail tobeautydermparis@gmail.comwith your first and last name(especially for people participating for the 1st time) so that I can send you a registration confirmation email.


Only people who have received a confirmation email from me will receive the treatment..If you do not receive confirmation, do not hesitate to check your spam and get back to me before 6 p.m. on the day of the treatment.


Closing of registrations on the 22nd/01/23 at 2:00 p.m. sharp.

For reasons of time and organisation, no registration will be taken into account after this deadline.


Thank you very much and see you soon  


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