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The "Force Interior" and "Radiance" programs by Beauty Derm


mental and physical fatigue,

Lack of motivation, 



We are all concerned

Beauty Derm offers you des fully custom servicesto support you in your goals:

2 programs of 3 months,

- access to thepersonal development,

- the other on l'anti-aging(or problem skins)

These concepts sur-mesure  are perfectly adapted according to your problems and your expectations.


Forle personal development, a prior appointment is recommended to assess your motivation and your will, because beyond our skills et techniques, there are only your decisions and actions_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_who will be able to shape your future! We will proceed initially  to a  energetic cleaning, realignment with the chakras and your energetic cleaning of the dwelling will also have if necessary, the energetic cleaning of the dwelling if necessary. 

In addition to monitoring and listening, certain subtleties of energy will be revealed to you to improve your daily life, 

be happier and get the life you want.

Regarding the"Anti-Aging" formula(or problem skin), get ready to defy the signs of time and get rid of your complexes! With the 10  treatments offered, we will act sur  the face, neck, décolleté, well-being (and well-being), 05-cc75819 -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ and also more specifically on certain areas depending on your objectives.

"Inner Strength" Program

3 months to  remedy your quality of life.

A program of 18 energy sessions, a real complementarity to personal development 

Ideally, 2 sessions per week for 1 month 

Then 1 session per week

The frequency of the sessions are nevertheless based on feelings because there are "realizations" or "clicks" that occur more or less quickly depending on the objectives set and the inertia of each person.

- 1 Energy cleaning

- 8 ACCESS sessions

- 8 Reiki sessions/ Lahochi

- Remote energy sendings included

- 2 Bach Flower consultations (elixirs included)

The idea is really that of collaboration and involvement in this personal work.

Price: 1200€

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Radiance program

A 10 care program to treat skin aging as a whole.

He understands:

- 2 Facelift sessions,

- 3 soins DMK Signature  "Enzyme mask #1" ,

- 2 microneedling care

- 2  face and neck Radiofrequency sessions,

- 1 treatment PlasM: lower (or upper) eyelids and crow's feetOrlip contour and nasolabial folds Or 1 session Radiofrequency (face and neck).

Each protocol  is adapted according to the type of skin and the problems targeted.

Price: 1900€

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