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Because you are important to us, and your requirements and your satisfaction  allow us to reinvent ourselves, we invite you to become, in a way, "The Ambassadors" (OrAmbassadors) of Beauty Derm  by sponsoring 2 people around you and thus benefit from  free treatments, discounts, product discoveries...

How to become a sponsor and benefit from exclusive advantages?


Sponsor 2 godchildren by mentioning their full contact detailsBy mail return.


Post a reviewon Facebook or Google, sharing your experience at Beauty Derm and/or the results obtained.

What conditions?


Les avantages accordés au parrain sont valables 4 mois à date de souscription, c'est-à-dire dès that the sponsor returns the email with the contact details of the 2 godchildren. The offer parrainage can be carried out 3 times maximum, that is to say up to 6 referrals in total.


For the godfather to benefit from his advantages, the godchildren must first honor their First Appointment or Purchase of products with a minimum value of €90 for each.

Beauty Derm Sponsorship is determined by 3 Levels, with privileges ranging from a complimentary treatment supplement (average value €60) up to_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_discounts of €140 on your next treatment, this is determined depending on your shopping cart, and reset after each referral.

You will then choose your loyalty gift after the visit of your godchildren!

Sponsorship rules

The 2 godchildren you are sponsoring:

THANKS ! Only one more notice to publish and we will contact you as soon as your godchildren visit!

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